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"In CBN, I have found an environment that brings Christian support to the business community. It is great to be able to share challenges and praises with other believers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities involved in being a Christian business person. Thanks for your leadership in establishing this organization." (Stuart Welsh) Stuart Welsh
"The Christian Business Network is a wonderful opportunity for Christian's in business to share and support each person's unique giftedness. Keeping our discussions real and relevant with today's challenges in the business world is essential to God's success in your life and business." (Melissa Mignini) Melissa Mignini
"It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of business and begin to feel overwhelmed. CBN has been the perfect solution to this by drawing me aside in the midst of my hectic schedule to pause and have a meal with a group of fellow believers who point me back to the One from whom all blessings flow. They go beyond the typical networking group as they have challenged my perspectives, encouraged me in my faith and guided me in times of need. I highly encourage anyone who desires to grow in both their business AND their faith to join this amazing network." (Nancy Parlette) Nancy Parlette
"CBN has been a welcome outlet for the challenges of self-employment. I've made many new friends and helped facilitate many relationships including the formation of new law firm. The mutual encouragement I've received each month has been helpful along with a low-pressure environment where we're free to share ideas and personal needs." (Marco Ciavolino) Marco Ciavolino
"Conversations with people have helped me to focus on the true meaning for my life in respect to business. My relationship with a fellow Christian realtor is exactly what I had hoped for from this networking group. We share leads and communicate almost daily. That being said, I also see a powerful presence of God’s hand in this organization." (Kathy Hessberger) Kathy Hessberger
"I have found in CBN strong, focused leadership that influences the meetings and the membership. I have experienced vital support from people that follow through and have been genuinely helpful in the business with which I have been entrusted. My association with this group has unquestionably been a timely blessing to me and Cabling Solutions Inc." (Dennis Carter) Dennis Carter
"The Christian Business Network has been a fantastic help in advancing my professional life in Christ's kingdom. Relationships forged in CBN have truly been iron sharpening iron. I have been blessed to take my career in wholly new directions thanks to opportunities and counsel from my friends in the network." (Tom Franklin) Tom Franklin
"By becoming a member of CBN, I have been able to network with other business people that have the same Biblical beliefs I do. I am able to bounce ideas off them and get advice that is from the Holy Spirit, and not from the world's perspective. CBN is a way for Christian business people to come together, discuss business issues, and receive wisdom." (James Carroll) James Carroll
"The format of the meetings is so conducive to really get to know one another and the meetings have been kept flexible to allow the Spirit to lead us. It’s nice to have a group that really cares about the long term success of everyone rather than just worldly success and the quick referral for stats. I am truly blessed by being a member of CBN." (Nicole Beus) Nicole Beus
"I’ve received great wisdom and practical insight from fellow members on how to conduct business. CBN has helped me to change my view of how I represent my company. The vision of the Christian Business Network is bearing fruit. Christ is being represented in the marketplace through men and women of integrity and godly character." (Jackie Hamilton) Jackie Hamilton
"Critical to my marketing strategy is being connected to networks of people within the business community who share my values. Participating in the Christian Business Network fulfills an important role in this strategy. CBN provides me with a greater level of confidence in the referral process knowing that we are mutually held to higher ethical standards which results in our products and services being represented with integrity. New clients, spheres of influence and resource partners have proven to be quite valuable in growing my company as well as adding revenue to my bottom line." (Chris Holcomb) Chris Holcomb